Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Millennials feel burnout everyday according to survey

Millennials feel burnout everyday according to surveyMillennials feel burnout everyday according to surveySurprise Millennials are feeling burnout, according to a new study.A new survey headed by national psychiatric center Yellowbrick found that half of Millennials claimed to experience burnout, or mental exhaustion, with nearly three-fourths blaming it on work.The study, which polled 2,000 Millennials to ask how burnout affects their them both in the workplace and in life, found that over a quarter of Millennials experience mental exhaustion daily while nearly a third (31%) said they were plagued by physical exhaustion. Thats affected the way Millennials live, with 78% admitting burnout has prevented them from socializing with friends and more than half missing work due to burnouts ill-effects.Work welches the main culprit for Millennials burnout while nearly half blamed their finances and a third flagged socializing as triggers.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines o n Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moreAt work, more than half of Millennials said they felt pressured to work longer or overtime hours that attributed to their burnout. While more than half said they didnt consider themselves workaholics, 62% said they felt pressured to always be accessible, whether that was through email, Slack or some other type of communication.Thats caused more Millennials to work even when they arent at work. A quarter said they work off the clock at least once a week while nearly a third said they feel overworked at their job daily.Millennials cope with burnout in the most unsurprising way - by streaming TV or movies. Sixteen percent said they watch Netflix, Hulu, or TV to help them get over burnout while another 10% said they sleep and exercise.

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