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4 Tips on Managing Your Student Loans

4 Tips on Managing Your Student LoansNew grads, take heed. Youre freaking out about the escalating price tag of your education and thats totally fair. But dont panic yet. Take a step back to acknowledge and celebrate your accomplishment. Then plan your strategy for a sane repayment plan and fight back against the fear and doom. googletag.cmd.push(function() googletag.display(div-gpt-ad-1467144145037-0) ) Here are 4 steps to getting yourself on the right track to a secure financial future. Starting now will set you up to avoid crashing and burning in a pile of tears and terror in a year or two.1. Dont ignore your mailSo many grads cant even bring themselves to open their first loan statement, let alone log in and look at the big fat number staring at them from their laptop screens. But avoiding the inevitable will not make that number smaller. In fact, you could make a bad situation even worse. Step one open the envelope. Know exactly what you owe. The devil you know, right? If you h ave multiple loans, track down the names of your servicers and make a list of each, detailing the interest rates and balances. This will be crucial to smart planning.2. Be wary of the grace periodA sixth month grace period does not mean you dont have to think about your loans for six months. Remember that your loans will continue to accrue interestand lots of itwhile youre merrily trying to figure out what you want to be when you grow up. The grace period exists mostly to benefit those who may need the extra time to get set up in their post graduate careers. Treat it as such.The longer you wait to start repaying, the more interest will accrue. And that interest will be added to your principal balance as soon as your loans come up for repayment. The longer you wait, the worse it gets. Step two, in a nutshell use your grace period if you need it, but consider making payments against the interest while you wait.3. Keep your term as short as you canIt may seem like a good idea to pay yo ur loans back in 25 years instead of 10. After all, a lower monthly payment number is a seductive thing. But just remember that the interest clock is not going to slow down for you. You could end up paying back almost double what you owe if you take a significant amount of time to repay. The Student Loan Repayment Calculator online is your friend. You should never choose repayment terms that you cant handle, but you should chose the fastest repayment timeframe that makes sense for you. It will save you money4. Consider refinancingOne way to lower your interest rates, particularly across a wide range of loans from different servicers, is to go through a refinancing company. You can always make an inquiry with a company like SoFi without committing to a refinance. In most cases, refinancing means a lower interest rate and a lower amount paid in the end. If you can guarantee total savings like this, its almost always worth it to consolidate. Be careful, however, of your particular situ ation and how it qualifies (or doesnt) you for different loan forgiveness plans. If you dont qualify for loan forgiveness or income-based repayment (often requiring you to pay a lot more over a longer period), a private lender is always an option.Repaying your student loans can seem like a prison sentence. And in some ways it is. But its always a better idea to have more information, to be more involved, and thereby more empowered. Be proactive and put your best foot forward. Future you will thank you

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Unanswered Concerns About Best Professional Resume Writing Services Jaipur You Need to Think About

Unanswered Concerns About Best Professional Resume Writing Services Jaipur You Need to Think About In some instances, companies supply you with just a parte of a Sample essay. If a company doesnt have samples, you ought to think twice about working with them. Many businesses offer sample essays. A company offering professional resumes can also make a summary resume and an expert biography for you at an extremely reasonable price. Marketing is a creative area and thus you will need to compose yur resume in a creative method. Most companies supply you with the very first part of a Sample essay. The very best writing businesses wont just utilize questionnaires to develop the resume. Best Professional Resume Writing Services Jaipur and Best Professional Resume Writing Services Jaipur - The Perfect Combination The business becomes good scores on a couple of websites, but nonetheless, it mostly gets complaints by real users. You dont have to be worried about your personal deta ils that may be viewed, as we handle the matter on a safe network. If you see a tafelgeschirr we havent evaluated, dont hesitate to drop us a message and we are going to look it over once possible. There are a number of reasons why you must prefer our services. The organization has invested a lot of time in making the website attractive to the client. To have a professional resume made, youll need to devote a substantial sum of money. Thus, take the time to understand which of the service providers would do a wonderful job. A great way to ensure youre dealing with a reliable service is to first check their BBB rating. The Best Professional Resume Writing Services Jaipur Cover Up Such a firm would be perfect for the creation of your resume. You should begin with your present position and after that shortly mention your responsibilities and projects which you did your prior businesses. Also, in case you have 10 or more decades of experience, concentrate on highlighting the l atest relevant experience. Professional resumes play an essential role in helping a work seeker land an appropriate opportunity. There are several job seekers out there hoping to learn the next best opportunity. Professional resume writers know the intricacies to what works well in the current challenging atmosphere. Furthermore, if you turn to the net for writing tips, be ready to devote a massive chunk of time sifting through information to discover a reliable source. The good thing is that the best resume writers arent necessarily the priciest ones. Leading quality businesses do leid usually supply you with a complete Sample essay. If you would like to find high high quality research and thesis papers punctually and for a fair price, you should probably attempt using Its important to employ a service which offers you a great price for top quality. The actual folks highly praise our essay help site. The 30-Second Trick for Best Professional Resume Writ ing Services Jaipur Its possible to come across online writing workshops that cover every component of writing, for each skill level. The area of resume writing has attracted many individuals working as writers with a wide array of talent and capacity. The exact same skill will be crucial for the writing of excellent resumes. An excellent way to be sure your resume is flawless is to enlist the assistance of a professional resume writer. What You Dont Know About Best Professional Resume Writing Services Jaipur Writing and including a reference sheet with your resume is one method to demonstrate which youre fully prepared and prepared to put in the work force. Lastly, when you outsource your own personal sales document, you dont need to be worried about small mistakes concerning grammar, spelling, and syntax. Its hard for a writing service to guarantee you a job because there are many variables that will impact the last selection. Whats the ideal resume length can be a bewilde ring question.

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Stimulate your career juices at the Good Food Wine Show

Stimulate your career juices at the Good Food Wine Show Stimulate your career juices at the Good Food Wine ShowPosted October 13, 2011, by Josie Chun If you are fascinated by all things gastronomic, have been breathlessly following the trials and travails of the contestants of Masterchef, and love Gordon Ramsay as much for his rantings as his culinary skills, then you cant miss this weekends Good Food Wine Show at Sydneys Convention Exhibition Centre, Friday 3 July Sunday 5 July. You will be able to see celebrity chefs and live demonstrations, and sample and buy the best in Australian produce, cooking accessories and equipment. Most sessions are free, though some will require you to buy a ticket (check the website for session times and availability). For anyone aspiring to get involved in the world of gastronomy and hospitality, imbibing the tastes and smells of Australias finest foods and wines, and observing your culinary heroes could prove inspiring and stimulating not to me ntion delicious Miccal Cummins of Gastronomy, Sydneys multi award-winning caterer, says that shows like this provide the perfect opportunity for aspiring chefs and hospitality service providers to network, observe what goes on in the industry and get a feel for where they want to go. You need to associate with the kind of people you want to be, and unterstellung shows are great for giving you different choices and directions which you can take. So get inspired, whet your appetite and indulge in some great food and wine this weekend The Good Food Wine Show will also be moving to Perth (Friday 31 July 2 August 2009, Perth Convention Exhibition Centre) and Brisbane (details to be announced check the website at a later date).Bachelor of Business in Hotel ManagementStudy modeOn CampusPayment optionsFEE-HELPUpfront paymentCourse guide+ FREE eBrochureEnquire Online Enquire OnlineHospitality ResourcesWait staff sample resumeWait staff sample cover letterCareer Insider StoriesEmma Sidhu - Microsoft Operations ManagerLuke Mangan - Chef and RestaurateurMichael Stamboulidis - QT Hotel Director of Food & BeverageVanessa Falzon - Work Integrated Learning Consultant & Alumni ServicesJohn McFadden - Executive ChefInterested in becoming a?Marketing OfficerProject ManagerEvent CoordinatorSmall Business ManagerDepartment ManagerPopular Career Searchescareer in hospitalitycareer objectives for hospitalitycareer in hospitality industryapprentice chef wageshospitality skills listHospitality CoursesDiploma of Hospitality ManagementEnquire Online Enquire OnlineGraduate Certificate in International Tourism and Hotel Mana...Enquire Online Enquire OnlineMaster of International Tourism and Hotel ManagementEnquire Online Enquire OnlineDiploma of Hotel ManagementEnquire Online Enquire OnlineJosie ChunRelated ArticlesBrowse moreHospitalityGlossary For A ChefIf you want to become a chef, one of the first things you will have to decide is what type of chef you want to be and what you want to call your specialty.HospitalityIf you can stand the heat, get into the kitchenWith the success of shows such as MasterChef and My Restaurant Rules, the hospitality industry has been put under the spotlight and it seems that people like what they see.Turn beer into a careerYou will remember Dr Chuck Hahn from Career FAQs Weird & Wonderful, the book that takes you on a white-knuckle ride through the world of wacky work.

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Millennials feel burnout everyday according to survey

Millennials feel burnout everyday according to surveyMillennials feel burnout everyday according to surveySurprise Millennials are feeling burnout, according to a new study.A new survey headed by national psychiatric center Yellowbrick found that half of Millennials claimed to experience burnout, or mental exhaustion, with nearly three-fourths blaming it on work.The study, which polled 2,000 Millennials to ask how burnout affects their them both in the workplace and in life, found that over a quarter of Millennials experience mental exhaustion daily while nearly a third (31%) said they were plagued by physical exhaustion. Thats affected the way Millennials live, with 78% admitting burnout has prevented them from socializing with friends and more than half missing work due to burnouts ill-effects.Work welches the main culprit for Millennials burnout while nearly half blamed their finances and a third flagged socializing as triggers.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines o n Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moreAt work, more than half of Millennials said they felt pressured to work longer or overtime hours that attributed to their burnout. While more than half said they didnt consider themselves workaholics, 62% said they felt pressured to always be accessible, whether that was through email, Slack or some other type of communication.Thats caused more Millennials to work even when they arent at work. A quarter said they work off the clock at least once a week while nearly a third said they feel overworked at their job daily.Millennials cope with burnout in the most unsurprising way - by streaming TV or movies. Sixteen percent said they watch Netflix, Hulu, or TV to help them get over burnout while another 10% said they sleep and exercise.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Uber lawsuit says stack ranking evaluation is discriminatory

Uber lawsuit says stack ranking evaluation is discriminatoryUber lawsuit says stack ranking evaluation is discriminatoryUnder stack ranking evaluations, your colleagues become your competitors, and the workplace transforms into a battleground to curry your managers favor and win a higher performance ranking than your peer.Its a controversial performance review system, also known as the rank and yank, that was popularized by GECEO Jack Welch in the 1980s (GE phased out the practice in the mid-2000s). Even if two employees performances are equivalent, managers must rank all of their employees along a predetermined formula, so that no ones performance can be equal to anothers.A new lawsuit from a former Uber engineer, Roxana Del Toro Lopez, is alleging that this ranking system is discriminatory toward women employees and that the lower rankings result in lower pay and fewer promotions.The research on rankingWhen bosses must choose between their employees,gender bias research finds that managers unconscious biases will get used to grade employees. A Harvard Law School study found that women are 1.4 times more likely to receive subjective feedback in their performance reviews that have nothing to do with how well they can do the job. A male workers careful thoughtfulness was seen as analysis paralysis in his female colleague, for instance.The problem with forced ranking is that it forces managers to make artificial distinctions between employees that dont reflect performance, Del Toro Lopezs lawyer told Bloomberg News. Uber has not commented on the lawsuit, but it recently overhauled its performance review system after ex-Uber engineer Susan Fowler wrote a blog deutsche bundespostalleging workplace sexual harassment and management issues. As part of that overhaul, Uber employees are no longer ranked or rated along hard numbers, and goals and feedback are now emphasized.Ubers new senior vice-president for leadership and strategy Frances Frei said that the goal is now to make feedback a tool for improvement, not one for judgment.Its an irresponsible act for me to give feedback to someone if Im not trying to have them improve, Frei said.When employers stack rank, teams turn on each otherWhen we know were being ranked, we feel threatened by the loss of control and autonomy over our careers. Under that stress, ranking encourages employees to focus on trying to look good instead of trying to get better, David Rock, author of Your Brain at Work, says about ranked performance evaluations.Although reportedlyone-third of Fortune 1000 companies still use stacked rankings, more companies are turning against the practice. Microsoft killed its stacked ranking system in 2013,and the systems demise offers a case study of how amanagement tool thats meant to be motivating can end up holding teams back.When you know youre going to be judged alongside the people working next to you, employees lose an incentive to collaborate and share valuable information. Micros oft engineers reported sabotaging their co-workers projects to ensure that they would come out on top.Anxious employees lost their drive to work on the best teams. Why should I work with a group of talented engineers when that could risk my ranking as the best in my group? Under stacked ranking, teams can only have one superstar.Stacked ranking can not only kill employee morale, it can also hurt organizational outcomes. Microsoft employees reported focusing on short-term projects that would make them look good in reviews over riskier longer-term projects needed to drive innovation.People planned their days and their years around the review, rather than around products,a Microsoft software designer told Vanity Fair. You really had to focus on the six-month performance, rather than on doing what was right for the company.

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Machines cant replace these 2 human qualities, one expert says

Machines cant replace these 2 human qualities, one expert saysMachines cant replace these 2 human qualities, one expert saysAs Artificial Intelligence is set to spread into urworkplaces, many of us are left wondering what the machine influx will mean for urindustriesand, perhaps, ourjobs.The much-anticipated book by Kai-Fu Lee,AI Superpowers China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Ordercomes out next week as does the entirety of Thrive Globalsoriginal video series with Leein which he shares his theories (and warnings) about the future of the workplace. The former president of Google China, Lee is a major thought leader, expert, and investor in the field of Artificial Intelligence. And his insights on the ways technology will change how we work predict nothing short of a revolution.The Future of Jobs 2018report, released Monday, backs up Lees predictions it forecasts that by 2025, mora than half of all current workplace tasks will be performed by machines. Thats up from 29 percent t oday.But Lee has some exciting news for those of us wondering what this means for our industries and our jobs. There are two important qualities that machines wont be replacing anytime soon creativity and compassion.Because of this, certain professions probably wont see much change as a direct result of machine job replacement scientists, storytellers, artists, and so on, Lee said in an interview with Recodes Kara Swisher although AI will surely seep into the way these professions are practiced.Plenty of other jobs, however, will see more drastic shifts towards uniquely human qualities shifts that will likely call for serious reprioritization in the workplace.A profession Lee focuses on as an example is teaching A lot of what teachers do, he says, is routine. So grading homework, grading exams, giving us exams, giving the same lecture again and again. Those can be done by AI, Leetold Recode. But this doesnt mean teachers will disappear. It means they will likely focus on one-on-o ne training and mentorship, on the human aspect of teaching that requires the sensitivity of compassion and the flexibility of creativity, he explains.Envisioning this new professional landscape is an exciting opportunity to connect with our own humanity and the humanity of others. It proposes a world in which the kinds of things that allow us to thrive community, inspiration, variety will be prioritized in our work.This potential for a working world in which its easier to find fulfillment doesnt negate the hardship many individuals will face as the jobs they work hard in are eliminated. Education, cultural priorities, and training systems will have to catch up with the AI revolution.But for those of us thinking about it now, we have a few suggestions for cultivating the compassion and creativity Lee says will continue to be so crucial.Read more fictionStudiesshow that reading a novel can help increase both compassion and creativity. The science shows that our brains process the e xperiences of characters in a novel the same way they process living through those experiences and while a lot of the research focuses on the short-term manifestations of this process,researchalso suggests the effects are long-lasting. This means that you are literally stepping into someones shoes when you read, and then carrying that experience with you afterward, learning empathy. The connections our minds make as we process language and story, too, are deeply creative. And, when you pick the rightbook, reading is incredibly fun (and mind-expanding.)JournalBy helping you process and find meaning in the madness of daily life,journalingis a great way to develop the ability to make creative connections and think outside of routine. It doesnt need to be the sometimes tedious itemization of summer camp journaling. Even just writing down a few thoughts or observations every day can help. Use your iPhone notes or, better yet, get a small notebook you can carry around in your bag, and jo t down some thoughts throughout the day. Youll be surprised at what comes out.Listen really listen to the people you loveSpending time with yourloved onesis important not just to remind you that you are connected and loved, but also to help you exercise compassion. Truly listen when your friends or loved ones are telling you about work and relationship trouble or work and relationship joy When we pay attention to what they say, we learn about human experience outside ourselves, practice empathy, and cultivate compassion.Pick up a creative, social hobbyJoining a club or social group centered around a creative activity is a great way to cultivate compassion by interacting with people you might not otherwise and creativity, by keeping you accountable about your creative practice. This could be something like a reading or writing group, an evening painting class at a local art school. It doesnt have to be something youre great at, but it should be something you enjoy that takes you out of your daily routine.This article first appeared on Thrive Global.

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Poll claims this is the sexiest accent in the world

Poll claims this is the sexiest accent in the worldPoll claims this is the sexiest accent in the worldAglobal poll of 1.5 million people from 60 different countries, conducted by Big 7 Travel, determined, once and for all which accent is the most alluring. Unfortunately, theres been a bit of controversysurrounding the way the whole thing shook out.Yes, all the classic favorites made the Top 10, but according to the poll results, the official sexiest accent in the world is the one used by the rock monster-alien from Thor Ragnarok,played by director Taika Waititi, and Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson.The authors of the poll report, To a novice ear, the New Zealand accent might sound just like the Australian accent, but Big 7 Travel readers disagree. The Newzild dialect is outrageously charming.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and moreObvious choices like Italian and French accents both made appearances in the Top 10, each claiming the number four and seven spots respectively.Although leid many people find regular ol American accents particularly desirable, a good deal of voters expressed an affinity for a slow southern drawl. Coming in at number nine, was the Southern U.S. accent, the kind you mind find in residents ofNorth Carolina,South Carolina,Georgia,Alabama,Mississippi, Tennessee,Arkansas,Louisiana, or Kentucky.Rounding out the Top 10 was the Brazilian Portuguese accent, which, again makes perfect sense.The least popular Slavic language the Croatian accent came in at the bottom of the Top 50 list. Some of the others that bottomed the list were the Romanian accent, the Pakistani accent, German accents, Thai and New York accents, described as fast and hypernasal. If you belong to one of these regions and are a little verrgertyoure not alone. The days following the release of Big 7s report has been tailed by a bit of backlash.For example this tweetThis T witter users response was a bit more nuancedAnd, unsurprisingly, some of New Zealands neighbors didnt take the news wellThe problem might have a lot to do with poor public relations. Most of the Kiwis famous to Americans are famous in a strictly comediccontext (though singing sensation Lorde has managed to capture a large American audience.)Jemaine Clement andBret McKenzie ofFlight of the Concords for instance and Waititi are trulythree of the funniest minds to debut in the last few years, though they dont exactly spring casanova to mind. Theres this reserved silliness attached to them.But if you extract the very same accent and observe it in a non-comedian, maybe youll feel differently. Or maybe you wont.You might also enjoyNew neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you happyStrangers know your social class in the first seven words you say, study finds10 lessons from Benjamin Franklins daily schedule that will double your productivityThe worst mistakes you can make in an int erview, according to 12 CEOs10 habits of mentally strong people